Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bread Lounge

Hello, Biters! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately but I’m here now so let’s eat, shall we? Today we’re talking about Bread Lounge in the Art’s District of downtown L.A. First off, if a place wants to focus on bread, well you know I’m there. And Bread Lounge does an amazing job of focusing on bread.

Bread Lounge is an artisanal bakery and café. Their bread is made on the premises everyday using only the natural ingredients of flour, water and salt. They serve pastries and sandwiches and they do it extremely well.

I had their Have A Ball sandwich.  It’s beef and pork meatballs, smoky aioli, Emmentaler, cherry tomatoes and arugula. All I can say is wow. I’m Italian so you know when it comes to meatballs I am extremely picky (and that’s putting it mildly). These meatballs were delicious. The cherry tomatoes were sweet and the aioli really complemented the sandwich. The ciabatta it was served on was remarkable. A perfect balance of crunchy and soft.

The only complaint I have about the Have A Ball is it’s so damn delicious I don’t know if I can cheat on it next time and try something different. But man, I want to. Bread Lounge has so many other choices that sound just as enticing as this one.

The Have A Ball. A delicious meatball sandwich.

My dining companion had the On The Bird sandwich on ciabatta with Kalamata olives. It has Spanish smoked paprika aioli, roasted turkey breast, red onion pickle, Brie and fresh spinach. She loved it. I had a bite and I loved it too. And that’s saying something because I’m not crazy about turkey. But this sandwich was tasty and the red onions were nice and sweet.

Had I not been starving because I hadn’t yet eaten, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my sandwich. My dining companion had to take most of hers home. I love a place that doesn’t skimp on the food. Bread Lounge gives you quality and lots of it. You have to love that.

The On The Bird sandwich. It may have turkey on it,
but it's no turkey.

Of course being a bread…well….lounge, we had to pick up some baguettes. And pick up we did. So nice and tasty. Again with the right amount of crunchy and soft. We also picked up some pastries, which we enjoyed. Make sure you get the coconut with blueberries and orange loaf. So. Damn. Good. The only reason it’s not gone is because I am exercising a surprising amount of self-control.

So many pastries, so little time.

You HAVE to get the coconut with blueberries
and orange loaf. So good

There are a lot of other things at Bread Lounge I want to try so I have a feeling I’ll be going there again….and again. You should go there too. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. You can always use Gregory as an excuse to visit again.

    1. That's true. You know he won't mind going!

  2. Well...if you have to go again and again...I'm going with you!

  3. Have to add this to my list for my next trip out !!